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Accelerators and Beam Physics Group, AB Department, AB/ABP-RLC Team, CERN
LHC studies, New LHC Design Report , Electron-Cloud Studies, Collective and Beam-Beam Effects, Beam-Beam Compensation, LCE Simulation Codes, LHC Optics
SPS studies, MD Planning
CLIC studies, CLIC Damping Rings, CLIC Beam Delivery, CLIC Polarized Source QCD Explorer
Recent Accelerator Physics Lectures
Neutrino Factory studies
MAD project
KEKB studies
Physics Frontier Center communications

Electronic mail: Click to send mail to <Frank.Zimmermann@cern.ch>
Address:   CERN, SL Division, AP Group 
           CH-1211 Geneva 23, Switzerland
Telephone: +41 (22) 767 9054
TeleFax:   +41 (22) 783 0552
Location:  Building 112/4-B30, Meyrin Site

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